Ibanez RG570FM electric guitar

April 19, 2024, 7:15 pm

Good condition [used]
For sale


Ibanez RG570FM TB (Transparent Blue) edition for sale. The guitar was manufactured in Japan, 1992. A rare piece of hsitory, especially in this color version. The series alter became the basis of the well-known RG1570 Prestige series.

The guitar is in used condition, according to it`s age it has some bumps on the back, but nothing serious. The front is in extraordinarily good condition.
Pickups exchanged for a DiMarzio Air Norton and PAF Pro (of course it comes with the originals as well), the middle single coil is the original Ibanez.
A Rockbag Premium bag is also part of the deal.

Personal checkup at Budapest - I can help with transportation locally.
Price is 330K HUF or its equivalent value in USD / EUR.
Bargain masters please have mercy, only serious buyers....

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