1. This brochure is intended to demonstrate the "GS Fanatic" data management practices and to present our site about the rights of the visitor´s personal data.

2. Providers of "GS Fanatic" website

2.1. Company name: StartAdmin Kft.

2.2. Headquarters: H-1038 Budapest, Határ út 20.

2.3. Postal address: H-1031 Budapest Vitorla utca 9.

2.4. Tax number: 12584778-2-41

2.5. Data Protection Registration Number: NAIH-59697/2012

2.6. E-mail: Please use our contact form



1. "GS Fanatic" Web site: is the main site available

2. Provider: a legal entity owning the page providing technical operation

3. Visitor: Non-registered user accessing the public page

4. Members: Visitor with registration

5. Customers: Members who use paid services

6. Personal data: any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person ("concerned"); a natural person may be identified, directly or indirectly, based on one or more factors relating to the physical, physiological, genetic, intellectual, economic, cultural or social identity of an identifier such as name, number, positioning data, online identifier or natural person identified;

7. Data Management: The totality of operations carried out on personal data.

8. Data controllers:

8.1. the "GS Fanatic" Provider

8.2. the operator of the "GS Fanatic" IT system

9. Data Processor: a natural or legal person who performs data processing at the express request of the Service Provider and with the permission of the Service Provider. For example, this may be the external service provider processing the page´s statistics.

10. Depersonalization: a technological process that results in the personal data involved in the process being unidentifiable by a one-way cryptographic algorithm. The essence of such a process is one-way, that is, the encoded data becomes unrecoverable and unreadable.

11. This brochure contains the "GS Fanatic" website in accordance with the European Parliament and Council Regulation 2016/679 ("General Data Protection Regulation", "GDPR"), Act CXII of 2011 on Information Freedom of Information and Freedom of Information. ("Act on Information"), Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code ("Act") and Act XLVIII of 2008 on the Fundamental Terms and Limitations of Economic Advertising Activity. ("Grtv.").


1. Visitor to the "GS Fanatic" site automatically captured IP address.

2. Any visitor may become a member of the prior wishes and activities of any visitor. Condition of becoming a member

2.1. Entering an email address

2.2. naming a name, which may be an alias (commonly referred to as "nickname")

2.3. language settings

2.4. geographic settings corresponding to interest (this may be "all", ie any country)

3. Additional data optional for members

3.1. Phone number

3.2. Address

3.3. Profile image

3.4. "About me"

3.5. Facebook profile availability

4. Members can save ads to the "Favorites" section and they will also be able to collect favorite forum topics in this list.

5. Required Data from Clients

5.1. Billing Name

5.2. Billing Address

6. When using an internal messaging system, the sender, recipient, content, images sent, and any advertisement related to the message will be stored for the duration of the data management session

7. In the case of users of the advertising system, uploaded images and audio material

8. Musician, orchestra, users can optionally be specified

8.1. the names of the orchestras in which they play or play

8.2. for teachers, the requested hourly rate

9. Declaring the likelihood or dislike within the evaluation system

10. Forum Entries

11. Comments on specific content

12. Tests upload

13. Information from the visitor´s browser


1. The Service Provider places on all visitors to the website a so-called " cookies that stay on the visitor´s machine for a period of time depending on the visitor´s setup. This is intended to enhance the user experience and to become a member of the Member and the technical condition that allows the entry of Members.

2. The Service Provider (Data Processors) can also place cookies on the visitor´s machine, or the same third parties have access to our visitor´s IP address, as part of a complex system independent of the Provider. This way, they can get a picture of our visitors´ browsing habits and profiling.

3. Embedded content displayed by an external service provider (Typically Youtube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Facebook ... etc).


The Data Controller declares that, in view of the personal data he entrusts to him, he / she is careful to handle his / her data in good faith, only to the extent that he or she is able to use the given service, and to minimize the scope of the data being handled.

1. The purpose of data management for Data Managers

1.1. online content delivery

1.2. Possibility of using paid services

1.3. Identification of members

1.4. Contacting Members

1.5. ensuring the possibility of content upload by users 1.6. Linking applicants to classified ads with the ads uploading Members

1.7. send a newsletter to those Members who claim

1.8. Show personalized ads

1.9. making non-public statistical analyzes supporting our strategic decisions

1.10. the possibility of organizing a community

1.11. organization of occasional sweepstakes

1.12. Ensuring communication between members

1.13. to ensure the elimination of unauthorized use

1.14. reporting to competent authorities in their investigative activities

2. All personal data submitted to the Data Controller shall be handled with the prior consent and express consent of the holder of the data, subject to prior notification.

3. The handling of Personal Data is an essential and legitimate interest of both the Service Provider and the Visitor, which aims to maintain the service smoothly.

4. The Service Provider may, in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR, forward (occasionally transfer) its personal data to the Data Managers entrusted by the Service Provider without the Customer´s separate consent.

5. By acknowledging this privacy notice, the registered Member declares that he / she is responsible for the truthfulness of the contact details provided (such as email address and / or telephone number, sometimes address address).

6. By acknowledging this privacy notice, Customers who make use of our paid services declare that their billing information matches the reality.

7. The Service Provider does not assume any responsibility for the authenticity of the personal data provided, this responsibility is borne by the legal or natural person who makes the data available to us.

8. The Service Provider declares that the personal data requested by the Service Provider for the use of the Services will be used solely for the purposes indicated in this Prospectus. In any case, the Service Provider seeks only to handle and request the personal data that is strictly necessary for the given service.

9. The Service Provider further states that if the service provider´s legal relationship is terminated with the recipient of the service, it will delete or depersonalize these personal data within the time taken in this information, and will keep it anonymously.

10. Since the Service Provider is unable to verify the authenticity of the personal data provided by the Members, our visitors under the age of 16 can only pass on personal information with us with their statutory elderly guardian and responsibility for these acts is the same.

11. The Service Provider declares that the processing of any personal data that is automatically transferred to the technical conditions necessary for the viewing of the web pages within the legal framework is authorized without prior consent of the user, the IP address as a personal data. Such a case may be e.g. the circle of agents with the operation of the IT system.

12. The Data Managers declare that personal data is not transmitted outside of the external service providers not mentioned in the prospectus. At the same time, the Service Provider reserves the right to submit anonymous (unrelated) aggregated data for statistical and analytical purposes without the User´s own consent, to any non-contributed contributor.

13. The Service Provider does not want to designate a Data Protection Officer in accordance with the relevant provisions of GDPR.



Purpose of data management

Legal Journal


IP address

content Management

Any visitor who views our website

A month

Web cookies

Services available after entry

Any visitor

Until the browser closes

Cookies by external service providers

Convenient features and advertising

Any visitor

The time period that can be specified individually in the browser

IP Address for Members Uploaded

Eliminate any potential abuse

Automatically recorded when Tag content is uploaded

6 months after the termination of Membership

Email address, name, password, language setting

Condition to become a member

Contacting any newsletter sending

6 months after the termination of Membership

phone number

Apply for a classified ad

For Optional Members

6 months after the termination of Membership

Home address

Eliminate any potential abuse

For Optional Members

6 months after the termination of Membership

Profile image, "About me", Facebook profile link

Community Features

6 months after the termination of Membership

Geographical definition of a classified ad

Place for a classified ad

For Classified Members

Based on a member´s decision, it is not possible to publish it immediately, or 
depersonalisation within 6 months after Membership termination

Classified ad content

Use Classified Ads

For Classified Members

Favorite ads

Convenient function

For Optional Members

6 months after the termination of Membership

Billing information

Taxation provisions

Mandatory for our clients

For a period specified in the bill

Messages sent in an internal message system

Keep in touch with other users

For Optional Members

Member´s decision is immediate cancellation or 6 months after Membership termination

Band in which he plays

Community function

For Optional Members

6 months after the termination of Membership

Teaching information

Community function

For Optional Members

6 months after the termination of Membership

Dislike (GS lance)

Community function

For optional members

6 months after the termination of Membership

Post Forum

Community function

For Optional Members

Six months after the termination of Membership will be depersonalized.

Message board entry

Community function

For Optional Members

Six months after the termination of Membership will be depersonalized.


Community function

For Optional Members

Six months after the termination of Membership will be depersonalized.

Do It, Quick Test

Community function

For Optional Members

Six months after the termination of Membership will be depersonalized.

* In any case, the Service Provider respects the User´s "forgetting" right to do so on request, as far as possible, at any earliest time from the request, "does not publish" any personal data and / or user-uploaded content related to the User.

Any content created by the Member that is depersonalized but publicly retained on our system (such as forum posting, classifieds, comments, postings) may be permanently deleted in whole or in part at User´s request if the User can demonstrate that he is the content uploader and content directly or indirectly linked to your person would thus be able to identify. In view of possible disputes, it only takes effect after the expiry of the contracted time or after the final proceedings have been completed.


1. Any Visitor may request information about whether or not the Service Provider manages his / her personal data if the holder of the data can prove his / her identity with the data of the requested person.

2. Persons whose data are handled by the Service Provider may request access to these personal data.

3. Subject of personal data may request the correction, modification, "non-publication" or deletion of their personal data. In case of cancellation, for the purpose of detecting possible abuses and / or for use in any legal proceedings, only IV. or after the final legal process is completed.

4. The Service Provider reserves the right to make copies of the contents created by the User and to retain them on the User´s personal data and dispute settlement and the final legal process. At the same time, the Service Provider undertakes to destroy these copies upon the final completion of these procedures.


1. Data Managers: You can assign a third party to data processing, transfer personal information to them for controlled purposes and for a period of time. Such cases may be, for example, marketing companies, research organizations and individuals, organizations and persons entrusted with preparatory actions for strategic decisions ... etc.

2. In any case, whenever Data Processing is processed by Personal Data Controllers, the Data Processing Workforce will be supervised by the Data Managers and, with the completion of the work, it is ensured that Data Destruction is maintained with the utmost care required by the Data Managers. The Data Controller can not be held liable for any data leakage that may arise if Data Processor falsely deletes the data, but the deletion is in fact omitted.

3. In some cases, Data Managers use external service providers to access some of the personal data. VIII.4. , so the rights of the personal data that they manage will fall within the competence of these providers.

4. The scope of the external service providers entrusted by the Data Managers and the personal data they manage.

4.1. Google LLC (IP address and browser extracted information)

4.2. PayPal Holdings Inc. (The name, value, date, IP address, information extracted from the browser) of the purchased product.

4.3. Youtube LLC (IP address and browser extracted information)

4. 4. SoundCloud (IP address and information extracted from the browser)

4. 5. Vimeo (IP address and information extracted from the browser)

4. 6. Facebook Ireland LTD (IP address and information extracted from the browser)

5. Section VIII.4. the names of all the data managed by the service providers indicated in this section are not the Service Provider´s competence, given that such companies may have additional information that the Service Provider has no view.


1. The Service Provider reserves the right to change its data management practices and / or this information text without prior consent from Users. These changes will send a notification to Members (typically via e-mail). The changed data management information has to be accepted by the member, and must be approved by us after the change has been made.

2. This Privacy Policy is valid until its amendment.

May 19, 2018


- GDPR is the official language of all European Union countries

- National Privacy and Data Protection Authority

1125 Budapest, Erzsébet Szilágyi fasor 22 / C.


Phone: 061-3911400