1. We will do our best to exclude ads that appear more than once in the system.

2. Our aim is to have a descent site. We do not support the sale of counterfeit instruments and we´ll make a saction against the fraudsters . Registered members can be evaluated , so you have to take into cosideration qualifications on your profile site.

3. We give room for the stolen instruments on a specially designed interface ( WANTED Forum )

4 It is forbidden to make on the site any activity that violates the privacy rights of others , or which hurts the rights of another user , or the site´s operator rights.

5 It is also forbidden to place ads of which the title does not specify the subject itself.
for example . :
- Unbelievable purchase ! !

6. Please avoid crappy advertising tricks. Do not use only capital letters in the title, neither in the ad.

7. Please use punctuation marks, start the sentences with capital letters and use spaces after, punctuation marks. In general, ensure that the text of the ad is well-written , containing the gist.
If you are writing data , please use a "-" characters , and write one data in each line ... etc.

8 In general, we like nice little pages. If ads look bad, then the page will look bad, too and we do not want that.

Terms of service


Provider: The administrator of this site - Start Admin Ltd ( details are available on the About tab page )

Registration: We registrater and store datas given voluntarily by the user . These information will be necessary for future identification. Without these, the user can not reach his own ads.

Registered member: the natural or legal person who uses the registration services and provides the requested information. These will be added to the Service Provider Register.

User profile / profile: the registered members have the opportunity to upoad images ( sounds, or embedded video content ) as well as he has the chance to add some personal data , part of which is public.

Commentary : For a particular content a user can add comments . You cantell your opinion about advertisements, profile , and other content items that are not listed here.Only registered users may comment , so his actions can be followed.

Ads :
advertisements uploaded by registered users on their own , so the operator does not have responsibility for the advertisment content.

Featured Ads: Users have the option to upload priority listed ads for an additional fee .In this case the add will appear in the selected category and will be displayed separately in boxes on the right .

Uploaded content: uploaded by registered members of the ads , a quick test , comment , forum post , forums uploaded images and any text or files that are not specifically listed here. Some of the uploaded files remain on the server ,which will not be deleted .

1.1. When registering, the user agree that some of the information given by him (name , photos, videos and audio ) will be public , which may be available to any visitor of the site.

1.2. Users agrees that each person can have only one registration in the system. Multiple registration can result in exclusion from the site.

1.3A Registered member agrees that if his profile is deleted , his ads and comments that can be found on the site will be still available in the system. When you delete a user -your profile pictures , sounds, videos, and by that personal data will be deleted . An exception to this rule is the user´s e -mail address, which will remain in the system, butwill not appear anywhere in any public form.
Another exceptions are the uploaded ads, reviews, forum posts, comments and any material that have been published once during the user´s activity .
User ´s name and contact information will be deleted , which does not apply for the contact information added to the ads.

1.4. Service Provider reserves the right, to delete or exclude certain user at any time , without prior notice or explanation.

1.5 Each natural or legal person may have only one registration on the page . Service Provider has the right to exclude from the registration services a user if he suspects that this user has more than one registeration for the site.

1.6 . By registering , user accepts that there is a site evaluation systemwhich is affecting people . The evaluation is depending on rules. Only those users can evaluate others who:
- At least members for one year
- He himself has positive or at least neutral assessment
- He has filled all the fields on the form
The evaluation can be positive , negative or neutral. You can also add text evaluation , on which the user can respond.

1.7 Provider does not take responsibility for the assessment of people , however, he will delete the obscene or defamatory commentsas soon as possible and may sanction the writer of this type of comments.

2. Content issues

2.1 GS Fanatic (, ia a free classified ad site on which users can upload ads for free . Provider in all cases reserves the right to remove users or ads, if the contents violates this contract and the Principles. Provider also reserves the right to store the ads after they are archived.

2.2. Service Provider reserves the right, at any time to cancel, without prior notice andexpanation , or moderate a given ad, comment , forum post, or contentsnot listed here which is uploaded by the user to to this website or linked to any other public service. ( including text, image , audio , embedded video , or other media items are not listed here ) .

2.3. It is prohibited to upload ads that confuse other users .

2.4 The uploader of the ad undertakes that the facts in his ad are correct and true to reality.

2.5 Provider expressly prohibits acts that violate the direct or indirect interests of the Service Provider .

2.6 In each ad the advertiser is required to indicate the true price of the item. Otherwise, Provider can sanction the ad without any prior notice (eg deletion , suspension, or refusal of access) .