We continue to work to ensure that participants in the Hungarian music scene receive the attention and opportunities they deserve.
Below can findthe rules required by law for such sites. We know that almost no one reads this, but we ask that you study it carefully so that using the site is easy and problem-free.


1. We will remove with fire and iron those advertisements that appear more than once in the system.
2. Our goal is the cleanliness of the site. We do not support the sale of counterfeit instruments and take action against fraudsters to the best of our ability. Advertising fakes on the site will result in immediate disqualification.
3. Registered members can be rated (Evaluation system), so the ratings displayed on the profile pages must be taken into account.
4. We provide space for the "circulation" of stolen musical instruments on a specially designed interface (WANTED Forum).
5. It is forbidden to carry out activities on the site that violate the privacy rights of others or that cause damage to another user or the operator of the site.
6. It is also forbidden to post ads in which the title of the ad contains entries that do not specifically match the subject.
- SALE!!!
- Unbelievably good food!!!!
7. Please avoid crappy, hackneyed advertising tricks in your ads. Do not use ALL CAPS in the title or in the text of the ad.
8. In the text of the ad, use punctuation marks, capital letters at the beginning of sentences, and spaces after punctuation marks. In general, make sure that the text of the ad is well worded and contains the essence.
If you write data, use "-" characters, and one data in each line...etc
9. In general, we like cheeky little pages. If the ads look bad, the site will look bad, and we don´t want that.


Administrator: volunteers who assist in the operation of the site and monitor the regularity of advertisements.
Classified ad: An ad uploaded by a registered user, the content of which is entered by the user, therefore the service provider does not assume responsibility for the content of the ads.
User profile/Profile: The registered member has the opportunity to upload images (possibly sounds or embedded video content) and to enter some personal data, some of which are public.
Uploaded content: Advertisements, quick tests, comments, forum posts, images uploaded to forums and all text or files that are not listed separately, uploaded by registered members. Some of the uploaded content will remain on the server, they will not be deleted.
Comment: A user comment that can be entered for a specific content element. It is possible to comment on blog posts, advertisements, profiles, and possibly other content elements not listed here.can be tracked to a certain extent activity.
Message board: Questions and answers, chat, etc. surface. The placement of advertisements and the display of personal data are not permitted.
Registration: On the site, we register and store the information voluntarily provided by the user, which is necessary for later identification. Without this, the user would not be able to access the advertisements uploaded by himself.
Registered member: The natural or legal person who uses the registration service and provides the requested data is thus included in the Service Provider´s register.
Service provider: StartAdmin Kft., which operates the site (its information is available on the Impresszum tab of the site)
Featured advertisement: Users have the option of placing a featured advertisement for a separate fee., framed separately in the selected category right side .
Operator: volunteers managing the daily affairs of the website.


1.1. Upon registration, the user accepts that some of the data provided by him (name, photos, videos and audio materials) is public, i.e. it can be accessed by any visitor to the site.
1.2. The applicant accepts that each person may only have one registration in the system. Multiple registrations may result in ban.
1.3. A registered member accepts that if his profile is deleted, the ads and comments written on the site will still be available in the system. Upon deletion, the images, sounds, videos and personal data provided by the user will be deleted. An exception to this is the user´s e-mail address, which remains in the system, but it is not displayed anywhere in any public form.
Exceptions are also advertisements, tests, forum posts, comments uploaded by the Registered Member and everything that has already been published once during user activity.
The name and contact information of a deleted user will be deleted, which deletion action does not apply to contact information entered illegally in the text of the ad.
1.4. The service provider reserves the right to delete or exclude a specific user at any time, without prior warning or justification.
1.5. Each natural or legal person can have only one registration for the site. The service provider is entitled to exclude from the scope of registration and the services used with registration the user who is suspected of having more than one registration for the site.
1.6. By registering, the user accepts that the website has an evaluation system that also affects individuals. The possibility of evaluation is subject to rules. Only those who:
- have been a member for at least one year
positive but at least neutral
- all fields of the data sheet have been filled in
The rating can be either positive, negative or neutral. It is also possible to provide a text evaluation, to which the user can also respond. These ratings cannot be edited or deleted afterwards.
1.7. The Service Provider assumes no responsibility for the evaluation of persons, but undertakes to remove obscene or defamatory comments as soon as possible, and to sanction the author of such comments.


2.1. The GS Fanatic (GitárShop) ( website has a free classifieds platform, where users can freely upload ads. In any case, the service provider reserves the right to delete users or advertisements if their content or nature violates the provisions of this contract and the Basic Principles. The service provider also reserved the right to store the advertisements uploaded by registered members on the server after they have been archived.
2.2. The Service Provider reserves the right to delete or moderate a specific advertisement, comment, forum post, or other content not listed here uploaded by the User that appears on the website or any other related content that can be considered public at any time, without prior warning or justification. service (including text, image, sound, embedded video, or other media elements not listed here).
2.3. It is forbidden to upload advertisements that deceive other users.
2.4. The person uploading the ad undertakes that the information specified in the ad uploaded by him corresponds to reality.
2.5. The Service Provider expressly prohibits actions that harm the direct or indirect interests of the Service Provider.
2.6. In every advertisement, the Advertiser is obliged to indicate the real price, otherwise the Service Provider may sanction the advertisement and the user uploading the advertisement without prior warning (e.g. by deletion, suspension or even ban).
2.7.a. The user may deviate from the above clause only if he uploads his ad as "EXCHANGE" or "WANTED" and indicates HUF "0" as the price. In this case, however, if it turns out that you are not offering your product as a replacement in accordance with 2.6. comes into effect.
2.7.b. If the user does not wish to enter a price, he must use the existing function, i.e. it is possible to indicate the omission of the price when uploading.
2.7.c. 5 separate items can be advertised on the site for free. It is forbidden to display several items in advertisements with separate prices, marked as "Awaiting an offer". It is only possible to advertise several items together if they are sold together (Several in one, or pedal row). It is prohibited to give a unit price in any case. In the "Several in one" category, the combined price of the advertised products must be entered in all cases, the "Awaiting an offer" option cannot be used here.
2.8. It is forbidden to upload content to the website (advertisements, comments, forum posts and other content elements not listed here that appear on the page) that:
a.) are racist,
b.) offensive to minorities and those belonging to a group of people on the basis of origin,
c .) taking a positive stance on the arms trade,
d.) violating the personal rights of others,
e.) fulfilling the facts of a crime (e.g.: advertising stolen or counterfeit musical instruments, or even defaming one or more persons), (the counterfeit, or as a copy, points 6, 7 and 8 of the FAQ on goods advertised)
, which takes a positive stance on drugs
2.9The Service Provider does not assume any responsibility for the content uploaded by users appearing on the website, however, if this content violates others or the law, the Service Provider will take measures to limit access to this content as soon as it can be expected.
2.10. It is forbidden to publish any contact information in the text of the ad (e.g. e-mail address, phone number, linketc.).
2.11. Duplication of ads is prohibited. Each ad can only be uploaded once, i.e. the same classified ad from one (or several different) users cannot be included on the page at the same time.
2.12. The advertisement can be renewed when it expires. Ads expire in 15 calendar days (see 2.16). Premature archiving of an advertisement and then re-uploading it to the page is considered improper use.
2.13.must be set for every ad.
- Manufacturer
- Type
- Object
- Photograph of the advertised object from your own source
Incorrectly entering the above-mentioned data may result in the immediate and without notification cancellation of the ad.
2.14. In all cases, the image must represent the advertised item. Photographs of the same type as the advertisement, but of a different subject, may not be used under any circumstances. A factory photo can only be used if the advertised object has been marked as "factory new". Only items with an invoice and a warranty starting on the day of purchase are considered brand new (except for special cases, such as unopened string sets).
2.15. Uploaded ads can be archived, which does not mean their permanent deletion. After archiving, these will remain available with a special indication.
2.16.from the date of uploading 15 daysrenew the ad 10 offers the opportunity to
Deleting the ad before its expiration date and renewing it may disturb the users who regularly visit the site and as such is considered NOT intended use.


3.1. In the case of ads that violate the Terms of Use, users have the option to report the ad. The administrators of the site will examine the reports, and if they find them legitimate, they will act on the matter. It is the User´s responsibility to cooperate with the administration. Failure to do so may result in a conviction. After 5 convictions, the Operator is entitled to block access to the user account.
3.2. Administration works on the site. The administrators have the right to:
- edit the ads,
- delete
the ads - delete the ads with condemnation
- suspend the publication of the ad
- temporarily exclude
users - permanently exclude users
if they violate the terms of use, do not comply with them
3.3. The administration is not a customer service, it is only responsible for enforcing the rules of the site. Regardless, it tries to help users in accordance with its rights and powers.


4.1. The highlight can be purchased for a given period. If the user sells the advertised item in the meantime, he is not entitled to a refund for the remaining special period.
4.2. If the user of a paid service performs an action that forces the Service Provider to cancel the registration or the advertisement, the user is entitled to a time-proportional refund of the amount paid for the remaining period. You can request this in writing (even just by e-mail) with your real name and address.
4.3. Using the paid service does not exempt you from complying with the site´s rules.


5.1. The service provider undertakes to act with the utmost care that can be expected of him with regard to the data provided by the users. E-mail addresses provided on the site and other non-public personal data related to them will not be passed on to third parties.
5.2. However, the service provider reserves the right to use the data provided during registration for other websites it owns or operates.
5.3. Name of data management: data management is based on the voluntary, informed and definite consent of users registered on the website.
5.4. Legal basis for data management: LXIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data and the disclosure of data of public interest. Act (Avtv.) on the basis of paragraph 3 (1) of the voluntary consent of the person concerned.
5.5. Scope of managed data: Mandatory data provided by the user: name, e-mail address, residential address, city, telephone number.
5.6. When viewing the website, the IP address of the user´s computer, the start and end time of the visit, and in some cases - depending on the settings of the user´s computer - the type of browser and operating system are recorded. This data is automatically logged by the system.
5.7. The purpose of data management: In the case of data that is required to be provided by the user, the purpose of data management is basically to identify the user´s authorization in order to ensure access to the materials uploaded by him.


6.1. This contract is valid until the cancellation of the registration (or, in the case of paid services, until the possible period of time agreed in the service). Cancellation of registration is understood according to the provisions of 1.3
6.2. The possibility of amending these regulations: The Service Provider reserves the right to unilaterally modify these regulations without prior notice to users. By using the service after the amendment enters into force, the user accepts the amended user policy. If the user does not wish to accept the changes, he can request the cancellation of his registration 1.3. according to