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Peavey JSX 212 Joe Satriani 120W fullcsöves gitárkombó guitar combo amp


Item number: "419492"   June 23, 2022, 12:04 pm

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Condition : Good condition [used]

Advertiser : Astbury01
Phone : +36302264500
Town : Budapest | Map ->

Price: € 497
199 000 Ft
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Eladó egy hibátlan műszaki állapotú Peavey JSX 212 Joe Satriani 120 wattos fullcsöves gitárkombó lábkapcsolóval együtt.
Hivatalos bolti listaára 500ezer ft körül volt, az én áram 199ezer ft.
Csere, beszámítás nem érdekel. Budapesten kipróbálható.
Half-power switch
3 footswitchable channels
2 JSX 12˝ speakers
4 - EL34 tubes and 4 - 12AX7 tubes
Power amp switchable to use 6L6GCs
Clean channel: volume, bass mid, treble
Crunch channel: gain and volume, bass, mid, treble EQ, and FAT switch
Ultra channel: gain and volume, bass, mid, treble EQ, and FAT switch
Noise gate control for both distortion channels
Master volume
Master reverb
Footswitchable effects loop
Resonance and presence controls
Line out with level control
Footswitch included
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